Raleigh, NC

Raleigh’s Bedowyn spent two years honing their sound before issuing 2013’s five-song debut Wolves & Trees. Their patience served them well. Full of familiar inflections, Wolves & Trees embraces the soar and scope of classic metal while reveling in the gruff thunder of doom and death, the pace of thrash and the hooks of hard rock. And where many are content to retread tire tropes, Bedowyn looks to fuse them together in new shapes. When the band shifts from a thrash gallop into pensive psych-rock on “Evil and Right,” the transition is seamless. This pan-metallic fluency helps Bedowyn avoid monotony, but it also makes their music more inviting. Where codified subgenre purism breeds insular orthodoxy, Bedowyn’s heretical embrace of all things heavy leaves room for fresh inspiration.

Recent Press:

“Black Sabbath gathered the kindling, and Bedowyn are burning down the camp sire. The only difference is, without question, I would take Bedowyn over modern day Sabbath any day of the week.”Sorrow Eternal

“While they'd never be confused for a style-over-substance tech-metal act, Bedowyn doesn't shy from instrumental ambition”Indy Week

“Bedowyn is a band I want to see live. Not in a 'The Chariot' way where the live show is something to take notice of but the album is a complete joke. No, I want to see Bedowyn live like I want to see The Sword live. Their music is there to knock you on your ass.” -  Metal Recommendations