The Lineup

Arnold Dreyblatt and Megafaun

Berlin, Germany / Durham, N.C.

The Berlin composer Arnold Dreyblatt and Durham folk-bending trio Megafaun toured together in 2008, with Megafaun backing Dreyblatt as his de facto Orchestra of Excited Strings. The pair never made it to North Carolina to play his pulsing, radiant music, though they tried. They’ll finally play Raleigh for Hopscotch 2012 after having not played together in four years.

“I loved working with them, as they truly understood how to perform my music. They are wonderfully sensitive musicians, and I can say without doubt that they are the best ‘surrogate’ Orchestra of Excited Strings outside of my own ensembles,” says Dreyblatt of Megafaun. “Ever since, I’ve wanted to get together again to perform and record, so we are very thankful for this change to work together again at Hopscotch.” —Grayson Currin