The Lineup

Lazy Janes

Raleigh, N.C.

Lazy Janes hail from a world where “amateur” is more of a compliment than complaint. They’re self-taught, and many members are somewhat new to their instruments. Still, they play with an energy and spirit that speaks more forcefully than a thousand errorless arpeggios. While making it on stage was always the goal, their approach to getting there has been more that of drunken slumber party, transplanted to the practice space.

It’s a much more fun-loving project than you might conclude solely from their name, which was taken from a Philadelphia squat where an O.D. “lazily” moldered on the couch for weeks, lest the authorities blow up their spot. (Somewhere the strains of Lou Reed’s “Street Hassle” can be heard.)

Singer/guitarist Carla Wolff is the most experienced of the quartet, having played in a number of earlier bands. When she leaves the Fox Liquor Bar after work, it’s often to head over to the practice space the Lazy Janes share with keyboardist Jenny Williams’ brother Evan’s band, Whatever Brains. Indeed, they spend it so much time there between them, the Brains have cracked that they’re turning it into their clubhouse. The all-female quartet is filled out by newbies for whom this is their first band, including drummer Emily Acuna, bassist Ashley Van Eijk and Williams. They formed just after the New Year and were making their debut just a couple months later. Original drummer Nicole Story left not long after, replaced by Acuna.

They’re currently working on a debut recording, a devil-themed 7” they’ll be recording with Daniel Lupton at his home studio. It will feature the first track they ever wrote, “She-Devil,” backed with “The Devil Made Me Do It.” They not only share a legacy with the Runaways, but appreciate their music, too.

Mostly though, Wolff identifies with Roky Erikson and garage punk acts like fellow Hopscotch attendees The Spits and Atlanta’s Carbonas. Wolff’s got a connoisseur’s taste for underground acts. The recently added UK act The Shitty Limits’ “Transitions” to their set list. “It’s just fun music,” says Wolff. “And we have a blast doing it.” —Chris Parker