Circuit des Yeux

Chicago, IL


Circuit des Yeux is Haley Fohr, but Haley Fohr is much more than just Circuit des Yeux. Fohr is also Jackie Lynn, a fictional drug-dealing alter ego living in the southside of Chicago. Last summer, Fohr stood alone inside an anechoic chamber in Berlin, twisting her voice into a thousand shards to pierce the dark. In London this spring, while touring in support of their new album Reaching for Indigo, the current version of Circuit des Yeux (Fohr, double bass, viola, and percussion) performed a new soundtrack to the 1923 silent classic, Salome.

Those who saw the solo Circuit des Yeux performance at Hopscotch 2014 saw a woman with a 12-string guitar unleash her four-octave voice from the cloisters of her body, an earth-shattering voice as responsible for a hurricane as the butterfly who flaps its wings on the other side of the world. In response to a crowd mostly interested in getting drunk loudly, Fohr later wrote about the need to rebuild the band into something capable of connecting with such an audience. Since then, her bigger band has become a thing of beauty with the destructive power of an atomic bomb, capable of rearranging your atoms until your body hums with the universe.