Glenn Jones

Cambridge, MA


The acoustic guitarist Glenn Jones is one of his discipline’s great students and technicians. A scholar of solo instrumental guitar who has co-produced massive box sets of John Fahey archives and a definitive compilation of the field, Jones wields that erudition as a versatile player, capable of fleet fingerpicking and dragging blues moans. But for the New Jersey-raised, Boston-based Jones, all this education comes in service of the emotions he shares with his songs—nostalgic longing, complicated patriotism, warped sentimentality, existential awareness. His best albums, like 2011’s The Wanting or this year’s The Giant Who Ate Himself, convey the familiarity of a long, winding conversation had around a campfire, stories about life simply sublimated into wordless tunes by one of the country’s sharpest, most enthralling instrumentalists.