Joe Westerlund

Durham, NC


Nearly fifteen years have passed since Joe Westerlund arrived in Raleigh, as the drummer for the bedrock Americana quartet DeYarmond Edison. The interim has been a consistent adventure, from launching Megafaun (a band that took DeYarmond Edison’s experimental flirtations to dizzying heights) to unveiling Grandma Sparrow, his sui generis alter ego that shared the stories of a fictitious town via magnetic nursery rhymes and dervish collages. He has drummed for the likes of Mandolin Orange, Mount Moriah, and Califone and lent his exploratory percussion approach to yoga practice. At Hopscotch, Westerlund returns to his creative core, using a drumkit and electronics to create a world rippling with sound. In the spirit of Max Neuhaus or Westerlund’s former teacher Milford Graves, this set will be an immersion in exploration, a discovery of what is possible through percussion.