Negative Gemini

New York, New York

negative gemini

Lindsay French, a producer and singer from Brooklyn, crams quite a few Cocteau Twins references into her work as Negative Gemini. But there’s also a haze to these intriguing, already-misty ballads that recalls the early works of the avant hip-hop label Def Jux. Reverb is often used to conjure a sense of space, mysticism, and drama, but in French’s hands, it’s a disorienting factor for her experiments in genre-blending. On “Infin Path,” the opener on her recent EP, Bad Baby, French spreads drum and bass patterns across deep waves of echoing synths and crisp trap beats. During “My Innocence,” she assigns varying depths of reverb to rhythm, vocal, and keyboard tracks, making each element hover alone. “Something just falls apart in your hands,” she sings, as a synthetic harp rises over a murky piano progression. Part middle-school slow-dance jam, part chilling demand for revenge, it’s a fitting closer to a solid collection from an artist pushing past sonic boundaries.