Brooklyn, NY


Palberta has a knack for making a racket sound like a party. On the trio’s most recent album, Bye Bye Berta, choppy guitar riffs collide with tuba and sweetly harmonized vocals. Buried in the mixes are unsettling rumbles, slowed-down voices, sleigh bells, and laughter. Songs bob and weave between staccato punk bursts and tuning sessions, underpinned by an absurd sense of fun. “She Feels That Way” uses a xylophone and a keyboard to underline the titular phrase before launching into a completely different arrangement of the same melody on “She Feels That Way Electric,” offering multiple versions of the same thought. “Finish My Bread” features whispered screams of the title, like a post-post-punk approach to pure aggression. Palberta are merry pranksters, yes, but they’re capable of transcendent flashes of beauty, too.