Patois Counselors

Charlotte, NC


The influence of The Fall is unmistakable in the careening, clangorous songs of Patois Counselors, the five-piece formed four years ago by Charlotte scene vet Bo White. Dwelling at the art-punk end of the post-punk spectrum, these songs lurch and rumble as White declaims in a dark Sprechgesang. Keyboards summon the industrial edges of vintage Pere Ubu, adding jolts of texture and odd hooks.

White’s bandmates are mainstays of a vibrant music community that might not exist without him. Since 2004, when the multi-instrumentalist founded a label to release his own music and that of his friends, White has played a key role in raising the profile of indie music in the Queen City. Three years ago, with just a single to its name, the band gave a powerful Hopscotch performance inside a packed Slim’s. The band returns with an ingeniously titled full-length, Proper Release, and looks ready to make an even bigger bang.