Still Corners

London, UK


Still Corners—the London duo of producer Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray—make gentle electronic pop-rock fit for alternating moods. Across four full-lengths and a smattering of singles, the pair has dabbled in Cocteau Twins’ filigreed dream-pop, star-kissed disco, black-lipsticked synth-pop, and Broadcast-like cinematic soundscapes. Hughes, an Austin native, formed Still Corners in 2007 and released one EP. But the band didn’t find their footing until Murray joined in 2009, after she struck up a conversation with Hughes while waiting for a train on her way to choir practice.

After releasing two albums with Sub Pop, the band issued their third full-length, 2016’s Dead Blue, via their own imprint. The record illuminates Murray’s choral background, as “Skimming” sounds like a solemn church hymn set to propulsive beats. “Dreamhorse” hews toward Depeche Mode-esque darkwave, while “Lost Boys” is Siouxsie-meets-Crystal Castles discotheque drama. And this year’s Slow Air is even more mellow and moody, with traces of country melancholy illuminating the outline of these songs about love, loss, and the weird spaces between. Think Beach House on a Texas sojourn, and you’re close to this twilit wonder of a record.