Zack Mexico

Kill Devil Hills, NC

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Kill Devil Hill’s Zack Mexico have spent the past few years honing their own unique brand of THC-enhanced avant-surf rock and spreading it to the masses. The five piece has garnered significant attention for their live performances which combine quicksilver guitar excursions with the weirdo crooning and combustive theatrics of lead singer John Saturley (which include, but are not limited to, performing the majority of a recent set in the nude). Ultimately, what truly distinguishes the band is the skill with which they craft their own insular universe and simultaneously make it accessible to the masses via an inclusive ethos and lifestyle. Come weirdos, come outcasts, come stoners — you’re all welcome in strange and warped world of Zack Mexico.


“…imagine Polvo as musical Z-Boys surfing Pavement waves with James Mercer calling the shots” – Paste

“It would be silly to call Zack Mexico surf music from the moon — there’s no water up there, let alone oceans. But you wouldn’t have ocean tides without the moon’s gravitational pull. So think of this Kill Devil Hills quintet as inhabitants of the dark side of said orb, where they lasso the centripetal forces of the galaxy to ride waves of skronk across the astral plain. If that ain’t surfing, well, I don’t know what is.” – The News and Observer 

“like sunburnt kids with well-worn copies of Sonic Youth’s Dirty, doing their best to make the luau weird” – Indy Week