Zack Mexico

Kill Devil Hills, NC


With seven members (including two drummers), Zack Mexico may seem like they’re going to come out roaring. But they’re smarter than that. Starting from a subdued place, the songs steadily build to a fever, a journey dotted with psychedelic-influenced embellishments and skillful textural diversions. In 2018, the coastal N.C. crew followed their sophomore album, Run Out of Money and Die, with Get Rich and Live Forever, evidence of a sense of humor that helps the band reach the thundering peaks of these crafted songs without seeming overdramatic. John Saturley’s aloof vocals contrast perfectly with the massive walls of guitars and dual drummers. Though unafraid to make a racket and guide you toward the explosion you’re anticipating, Zack Mexico always move in service of the bigger picture: transporting the listener somewhere familiar and welcome, with diversions and demands along the way.