Grayson says goodbye, Nathan says hello

Submitted on Jan 12, 2014

In June 2009, I asked Grayson Currin, then my co-worker at The Independent Weekly and new friend, to meet for a drink. Earlier in the day I’d received preliminary word that our employer at the newspaper, Steve Schewel, was willing to back a plan to bring a music festival to downtown Raleigh. I told Grayson the good news on the patio of Landmark Tavern, and we discussed how we might actually go about producing the event—an undertaking neither of us had attempted before, let alone accomplished. 

Nearly five years and four Hopscotch Music Festivals later, Grayson has decided to step down from his role as Hopscotch’s Co-Director to focus on his writing jobs, one of which still entails being the Music Editor for the local alt-weekly paper. For more than 50 months, he gave an extraordinary amount of his time, energy, and originality toward making Hopscotch what it is today: an annual September weekend where fans and bands gather from all over the world to experience downtown Raleigh. So many qualities, including his intelligence, abundant understanding and appreciation of music, thoughtful disposition, and eagerness to take risks, made Grayson an ideal creative partner from the very beginning. The outcome of this partnership, one in which no major decision was made without the other’s approval, has exceeded both our expectations.

Much has changed since that talk back in 2009. Grayson Haver Currin met and married his best friend, Tina, and they bought their first home together. The Independent Weekly became Indy Week, and Hopscotch started operating under a company called Hopscotch Music, LLC. Grayson moves on with little to show monetarily for all of the hours he spent shaping those three special days in September each year; we’re still a start-up with too few resources striving to turn the corner financially. He worked so hard on Hopscotch because he wanted it to become something he could be proud of and, by that measure, he unquestionably succeeded. I’m grateful for all of the memories we share together, and I’m happy to know he’ll finally be able to see the festival from the other side, the way he’s always truly approached it…as a music lover who wants to have a good time watching great shows.    

Nathan Price, our longtime day party coordinator, is being promoted to become Hopscotch’s new Talent Coordinator. He works for ReverbNation in Durham and is the co-founder of DiggUp Tapes, a small label in Raleigh known for promoting local shows and supporting North Carolina artists.

Greg Lowenhagen
Hopscotch Director

Photo: Grayson writes a band bio on our website the night before Hopscotch's first lineup announcement in April, 2010.  

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