Posterscotch 2015


posterscotch15.7x10Posterscotch, Hopscotch’s show print exhibition and market, returns this Sept. 9-12. This year’s edition features returning artists as well as first time participants in the Raleigh Convention Center. Posterscotch will kick off during Hopscotch Design Festival on Sept. 9 and there will be a booth at the Design Fest Block Party (details coming soon). You can visit Posterscotch throughout the music festival Sept. 10-12 as well. See you in 3 weeks!

Posterscotch 2015, Raleigh Convention Center, Sept. 9-12 

Mark Elmore – Raleigh

Skillet Gilmore – Raleigh – Founder of Posterscotch

George Hage – Raleigh

Evan Plante – Charlotte

Matt Decker – Asheville

John Harrison – Chapel Hill

J.T. Lucchesi – Hillsborough

Steve Oliva – Durham | @KitchenIslandSP

Doc Reed – Wilmington

Dan Barbour – Clayton – 2015 Posterscotch Director

Jer Warren – Raleigh

Chris Williams – Durham