Indigo De Souza



Indigo De Souza, All of This Will End“I was finally able to trust myself fully,” says Indigo De Souza of making her masterful third
album All of This Will End. When the North Carolina-based artist released her compelling and
explosive second LP Any Shape You Take in 2021, it led to a successful year of sold out tours
and rave reviews from outlets like Pitchfork, the New York Times, and the New Yorker. Across
11 songs, the LP, which is out April 28 via Saddle Creek, is a raw and radically optimistic work
that grapples with mortality, the rejuvenation that community brings, and the importance of
centering yourself now. These tracks come from the most resonant moments of her life:
childhood memories, collecting herself in parking lots, the ecstatic trips spent wandering
Appalachian mountains and southern swamps with friends, and the times she had to stand up
for herself. “All of This Will End feels more true to me than anything ever has,” she says.


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