Max Gowan



Max Gowan has found himself as a centrifugal figure in the burgeoning music scene of central North Carolina. Through his behind-the-scenes work as an audio engineer, recording, mixing, and mastering both for local musicians and musicians around the country, he is a key force of all the invisible parts that go into music production. But with his sixth full length album Glossolalia, Max Gowan is taking a step out from the background, delving into personal and intimate themes for his new full length album. The 26-year-old native of Raleigh, North Carolina has a long list to show for his music production accomplishments, and now his attention to detail and audio craftsmanship shines through on an album with production credits all his own. Gowan's richness in texture and soundscapes will often crown him as your favorite musician's favorite musician – the talent and dexterity instrumentality and the obvious knowledge of production uplift this project.


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