Event Info

Hopscotch Music Festival returns to downtown Raleigh to celebrate it’s eleventh year this September 9-11, 2021. Hopscotch is known for adventurous lineups, memorable performances, and a fan-friendly atmosphere. The festival offers music in almost every genre imaginable—rock, hip-hop, metal, folk, electronic, experimental, and more—and its programming highlights this diversity each year.

From its inception in 2010, Hopscotch has been a signature event for the creative community of Raleigh, North Carolina. Approximately 25% of the festival’s performers hail from in-state—a figure few, if any, nationally recognized music festivals can claim. Hopscotch is a city-wide celebration for locals and fans visiting from faraway locales.

This year Hopscotch will feature a new layout with programming across two main stages in Downtown Raleigh, one at Raleigh’s City Plaza and one at the newly redesigned Moore Square. Due to the impact from Covid-19 we want to make sure that everyone feels safe, and is safe, so for the first time ever we will be presenting Hopscotch 2021 with a more traditional festival layout featuring all outdoor shows for official programming with a 75% capacity. Many of the venues will still present day shows across Raleigh (and hopefully some late night shows) so the vibe and spirit of the festival will be there across our 3 days in September.

We want everyone to feel safe and have a great time at Hopscotch!

Full line-up and ticket info coming soon! 



Festival Press

“The premiere experimental and underground festival in America”—Ad Hoc

“Hopscotch is a weird and wonderful festival largely because no one group of people define it. It is not just for industry types. It is not just for teenagers with floral crowns. It is not just for the Glow People. And by being for no one in particular, it ends up being for everyone. In three days of music, I met all of those types, plus married couples, college kids, cratediggers, in-towners and out-of-towners. Come one, come all.”—Brightest Young Things

“Hopscotch Music Festival is one of the best and most eclectic music festivals in America.” —Spin

“In Raleigh Thursday through Saturday, it was all about an extraordinarily cool roster of bands. With streets cordoned off throughout the downtown area, thousands of people … wandered among ten participating music venues, creating a Mardi Gras-like atmosphere.” —Rolling Stone

“Hopscotch: perfection, indeed” —The News & Observer

“Like most who know of its perfection, I’m almost afraid to gush too much at the risk of jinxing or ruining the best three days of music experiences one can be given…Perfectly curated with a blind ear to any buzz, specific genre, or anything else…Hopscotch Festival can turn the biggest music snob cynic into a carefree music lover once again. The word perfect is thrown around lightly all over the place (I misuse it all the time), but that’s the only word to describe this dream of a music festival…PERFECT.”—We Listen For You