Hank E. Panky Farm

Selma, NC

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The Hank E. Panky farm was deeded in 1900 by the Pittman Family and later the Wiggs Family. According to the Johnston county historians, the land was originally used by native Americans as the work camp where they would prepare animal pelts, make hunting tools such as arrowheads, prepare corn and weave blankets. The native tribe was called the “Tuscarora Indians” We have found several arrowheads on the property to confirm.

In 2006, Lisa & Kenny started homesteading their farm and decided they needed to make a little extra cash to offset some goat expenses. They had already been raising the goats as a hobby and for their milk for cheeses, so they naturally felt like the soaps would help with feed and cover the health care expenses for the herd. Check out their website for the Hank E. Panky Farm goat milk and honey soap and soap related products.