Just A Tish

Apex, NC

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Handmade jewelry, wire wrapped and strung using the metaphysical properties of stones to create not only an accent to your wardrobe, but healing for your soul.

But wait! There's more!

If you are wearing some awesome funky jewelry, you may also like my awesome repurposed, reclaimed tie dyed clothing, and traditional tie dyed t shirts! I took my t shirt tie dying one step further to include gently used clothing to add to my tie dyeing process. Adding used clothing to my line of tie dye, adds variety, style, individual expression and responsibility. By going to thrift stores, and yard sales looking for that right piece of natural fiber clothing that is just screaming for a new lease in life, I am cutting down on my carbon footprint by not using as much new manufactured products. I mean seriously, doesn't the world need more color.