Katie March Art

Clayton, NC

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Making art has been apart of Katie's world since her single digit years and continued to feel that pull to the arts throughout the decades.  Creating is incredibly important to the artist, and she feels it is what she has to offer the world around her.  Inspiration springs from nature, Katie feels the earths pain and in turn becomes her own.  However, the artist finds that painting and sculpting for her personally, develops successfully only when her emotions are grounded.

Whimsical and dreamy colors are pushed and pulled for background, so the subject matter is placed on top of a happy home. Currently plants and wildlife are the subject of Katie's paintings. The artist desperately desires human beings to be aware of what beautiful creatures are threatened, the further we inflict damage to the earth.

Katie is mainly a self taught artist. With some education through the Wake County Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina, the skills she honed in on while studying there will forever be explored. She credits her high school in Mendham, New Jersey for their amazing Art Instructors. The advanced level of skill those instructors fed to their students, she believes was beyond most high school teachings.