Mountain Shadow Designs

Pittsboro, NC

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Mountain Shadow Designs is the creative endeavor of artistic director, Sally Gregoire. Sally grew up in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, with wonderful pastoral scenery of small-town life surrounding her. She has spent the bulk of her adult years living in the South, seeking more settings of lovely mountain views and pastoral scenery, and folks creating communities. Sally has a personal connection with each design she creates, often due to living in an area with a rich history that speaks to her. She also is inspired by her own family lore. As well, inspiration can come from a hike or a wander with a loved one, often culminating with the discovery of a historic building to photograph for a future project. Pen and ink art inspires Sally to recreate buildings of the past that have stories, and creating art grounds her in the bustle of present day life to re-tell those stories. Reproducing pen and ink art on canvas wraps and metal is a unique way for Mountain Shadow Designs to marry art with present day presentations and techniques.