Muro Jewelry

Huntersville, NC

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Muro is a small women owned business founded in 2015 after realizing that I had found my calling after more than 20 years of experimenting and creating.

I make modern jewelry that combines my architecture discipline training with the exploration of unusual materials like reclaimed wood and resin. Each piece has been lovingly made with the highest finishing standard. Your Muro team is me, Rosa, in partnership with my husband Ruben who had the vision and knowledge to make this a true busniness (and if you know him you know he is the heart and soul of this adventure) and our production team: Adriana and Laura who bring wonderful structure to a creative soul and make the scariest of deadlines doable.

My hope is that while you're here you will find something that speaks to you, not only because of it's beauty, but because you will see the hours of thought and skill that have been poured into each one. Thank you!