Marshall NC // Hudson NY


Arone Dyer and Ryan Oslance share the separate distinction of being in two of this young century’s most adventurous bands. With Buke & Gase, Dyer has long created idiosyncratic pop with peculiar instruments she helped invent; with Ahleuchatistas, Oslance provided the rhythmic backbone for songs that put terms like post-rock and math-rock beneath extreme stress tests. Together, they are Mistresses, an electronic pop duo that surrounds Dyer’s twisted melodies and stacked harmonies with bold synthesizer lines and underpins them with drum patterns that torment a standard sense of time. Self-released early this summer, the pair’s powerful debut EP asks hard questions about love and trust and lands each hook in the process. Attention fans of Tune-Yards or imaginative pop at large: Mistresses will woo you.