The dB’s



The dB’s are composed of two singer/songwriter/guitarists, Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey; along with Gene Holder, bass; and Will Rigby, drums – although everyone in the band played everything at one time or another. The foursome emanated from Winston-Salem, N.C., and helped define not only the rich North Carolina indie-rock scene of the ‘80s, but helped lay the groundwork for the likes of fellow southeasterners R.E.M. They were also cornerstones of a scene which also featured Sneakers – almost a precursor to The dB’s with Chris Stamey and Will Rigby, with appearances by Mitch Easter who’d later form Let’s Active. Other pillars of the region’s scene at that time included Don Dixon, Dexter Romweber and Flat Duo Jets, and more. It should be noted that The dB’s also called New York home for a while, frequently appearing at CBGB, Maxwell’s and other influential venues.
AllMusic called The dB’s “the band that bridged the gap between classic '70s power pop (defined by bands such as Big Star, Bandfinger and The Scruffs) and the jangly new wave of smart pop personified by R.E.M.”

The dB’s’ debut album Stands for deciBels, will be reissued on CD, vinyl (its first time in vinyl) and all digital platforms in June 2024 through Propeller Sound Recordings


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